Mauro Calcagno




- University of California, Berkeley: International Conference on the Italian Madrigal and Birthday Celebration for Anthony Newcomb, 9–11 November: Mauro Calcagno: “Monteverdi, Marino, and the Creation of a Post-Petrarchist Fictional World”

- San Francisco, the Seventy-Seventh Annual Meeting of the American Musicological Society, 10–13 November, session “Histories of Mediation”: Mauro Calcagno, “Negotiating Text and History in Recent Multimedia Productions of Early Baroque Works”


- Washington, the Fifty-Eighth Annual Meeting of the Renaissance Society of America, March 21–24, 2012. Session organizer: Mauro Calcagno. Saturday, March 24, 10:30–12:00. Session title: New Perspectives on the Italian Madrigal (Chair: Giuseppe Gerbino). Titles of papers: Mauro Calcagno: “Monteverdi, Marino, and the Creation of a Post-Petrarchist Fictional World”; Stefano Lorenzetti (Conservatory of Music, Vicenza): “The Duality of Space: Musica segreta and Madrigal Performance”; Christine Jeanneret (University of Geneva): “Luca Marenzio’s Female Patrons.”

- Rome, the Nineteenth Congress of the International Musicological Society, July 1-7, 2012. Saturday, July 7, 3:00-7:00. Session of the IMS Study Group: Musicology and Computer Applications (chair: Eleanor Selfridge-Field): "The Marenzio Online Digital Edition" (with Laurent Pugin)

- New Orleans, the Seventy-Eighth Annual Meeting of the American Musicological Society, 1–4 November, Joint Session (AMS/​SMT) “New Digital Projects for the Study and Dissemination of Medieval and Renaissance Music”: Mauro Calcagno (with Giuseppe Gerbino and Laurent Pugin), “The Marenzio Project”


- Columbus, OH, the Twenty-First Annual Conference of the Society for Seventeenth-Century Music, March 21–24, session "Staging and Re-staging Early Opera": Mauro Calcagno, "Spectral Poetics: The Wooster Group’s Production of Cavalli’s La Didone"

- Yale University, Conference Only the Passions Sing; The Understanding Can But Speak (in honor of Ellen Rosand), session “Unity and Instability in Early Opera,” Sept. 8: "Otho’s Perspective, Seneca’s Lesson"


- Charlottesville, VA, Music Encoding Initiative 2014 Conference, May 21-23, Roundtable, "From scholar to user via MEI: Digital editing and publishing vis-à-vis library ways and means" (Eleanor Selfridge-Field, moderator, with Norbert Dubowy, Mauro Calcagno [in representation of the Marenzio Project], Daniel Boomhower, Douglas Woodfull-Harris, Philip Ponella, Federica Riva)


- Princeton University, Lecture Series of the Renaissance and Early Modern Studies Program, Feb. 19: "Spectral Poetics: The Wooster Group's Production of Busenello/​Cavalli’s La Didone ,"

- Columbia University, Butler Library, Music Department Panel: “Digital Projects in Music Research,” Feb. 27: “The History of the Marenzio Project”

- University of Pennsylvania, Kislak Center of Van Pelt Library, part of the panel “Italian Madrigals on Tablets: The Marenzio Online Digital Edition (MODE),” organized by Calcagno, Feb. 25: “The Marenzio Project”